Open hours

Equipment Exchange Open Hours

During the Summer, the DMX is only open by appointment. To checkout equipment, please contact


Contact us

Digital Media Equipment Exchange (DMX)

Phone: 207-786-8341

Location: 115 Pettigrew



Can't Add to Basket?

Some of our DMX gear requires advanced training. If you find an "add to basket" button grayed out, and would like to be able to borrow that item, please contact our staff using information provided above. 


Late Return Policy

The borrower is responsible for returning equipment on its due date during the Digital Media Exchange’s (DMX) regular business hours. Please keep in mind that the DMX serves the Bates community and all patrons depend on equipment being returned on time. Returning equipment late may prevent others from being able to complete projects or assignments.

Broken or damaged equipment

Equipment must be returned in the state and condition in which it was loaned. Reasonable wear and tear may occur. Please report any known issues immediately.

If staff determines equipment damage to be beyond reasonable wear and tear, your student account or department may be charged the repair or replacement value of the item.

Lost or stolen equipment

When you leave the office with loaned equipment, it has become your responsibility. If any equipment is lost or stolen, your student account or department may be charged the full replacement value.